Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art In My Life

Until 2011 I was a self-taught artist. I started out sketching with a pencil drawing cartoons, fighter jets shooting down other planes.

When I got a little older I got into charcoal and then pastels.

Once I tried a watercolor class but the artist giving the lessons had his students try different styles and that wasn't I wanted so I worked on my own.

From watercolors I moved into pen and ink. I stayed with this for several years drawing mostly landscapes.

I picked up and dropped my art all during my life until I retired.

When I arrived at the ripe old age of forty something I picked up acrylic painting. I did some decent work and one painting I entered into a local art contest and received a ribbon for second place in the landscape genre.

In 2011 I took classes in oils and over time I progressed

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