Thursday, May 21, 2015


After creating something that took me hours to produce, put my heart and soul into giving it birth, then hang it out for the public to view, positive recognition makes my heart take wings.

A few months ago I made the decision to start displaying my art at arts and craft shows. I designed and built the walls for the white tent, which are the standard for most shows, and my wife and I got up at 5:30 am to assemble our booth in time for the 9:30 am opening.

I received several positive comments regarding my work, and the frosting on the cake was selling three paintings.

Encouraged to press on, I joined a couple of sites that specialize in handling art festivals and sought out shows still calling for submissions, which means you can submit your work to see if it is good enough for the judges to offer you booth space.

One that caught my eye was a show managed by Art Design Consultants, which is a large interior decorating company in Cincinnati, Ohio. They sell paintings to private collectors, as well as commercial enterprises, such as hospitals, banks, corporate headquarters and such. May 1st was the deadline for submitting your work for their June show, 'Art Comes Alive 2015 - Last Exhibition'.

Before applying, I wanted feedback on my work from the gallery. I contacted them via email and included my blog site link. Within a few days I received a replay that they thought my work fit their gallery clients. I decided to send in their registration fee and four samples of my work. A panel of judges would evaluate my work, and if they liked it, I would receive an email inviting me to submit one of my paintings.

I didn't get my hopes up, after reviewing the list of judges and their qualifications, but heart be still, they congratulated me on being among those artist asked to submit their work.

This is not just an art show, it is a show case of art and attended by hundreds of buyers. ADC also promotes your work in their catalog, which goes out to over 50,000 buyers. If that didn't send me into an euphoric state, I would also be in contention with others for monetary awards that could be significant - heart be still.

Now all I have to do is sell enough artwork at my next show that happens to located on Corey Ave, in St. Pete Beach on June 6 and 7th.

I've been putting in long hours painting in order to build an inventory to suit almost anyone's tastes - but not necessarily their wallet.


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