Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall Meadow

36x48 Oil on canvas
Born and raised in Michigan, October brings back memories of how beautiful autumn was. Inspired I paint a meadow in brilliant fall color. The leaves on the red tree on the left is a composite of Indian red with bright red over lays. The shadows are Indian red mixed with Alizarin Crimson, which presents a darker more robust red. The the brilliant yellow trees on the right are a mixture of lemon yellow, bright red, orange and the shade is a mixture of raw sienna and cadmium yellow.
The sun is behind the scene, casting shadows across the meadow, as well as shadows on the red brush. The pond offers interest from the green grass and colorful foliage.

Using the shadows on the brush, I added the top of trees in the foreground, which gave depth as well as reduce the dominance of the dark-red shrubs. Allowing the pond to run off the canvas confused the viewer, was it a pond or a stream. To define the pond I placed grass and cattails along the bottom of the canvas.

$1200 unframed plus shipping.  

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