Sunday, November 8, 2015

Art Show at Kissimmee

The 2015 Osceola Art Festival in Kissimmee will take place this coming weekend, Nov. 14-15.  I've been assigned booth space #25, whose location remains a mystery. This will be my first festival without crafts so I am excited to see the difference between people who attend art and craft shows to those coming to see different forms of art.

I am trying to tame my expectations of doing well, but remain optimistic that my work will sell. For those in the Kissimmee area, please stop by and view my work.

Today was a recovery from yesterday when I received an email that I was not invited to attend the Sidewalk Art Show in Winter Park. It was strike two for Winter Park since I wasn't invited to their fall art show. But today I received an acceptance to the Cape Coral Art Festival, which is a very large affair attended by 100,000 people. It takes place January 9-10th of next year.

I believe my work needs to be more creative to be accepted by judges. It seems that the pendulum has swung back towards abstract art and away from realism, like it did in the fifty's and sixties. I find it difficult to approach true abstract art - it just isn't in me. I believe the closest I'll get is a blend of abstract and realism  - something less precise and more colorful.


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