Monday, November 16, 2015

Osceola Art Fair

Monday morning and trying to recover from a hectic weekend.

Loaded up the U-Haul trailer Friday morning and headed to Kissimmee later in the afternoon. Using the bed of my little Toyota Tacoma to house most of the walls of the booth, I had plenty of room for all the artwork I was taking. From the fair's website they expected a large turnout and the beautiful sunny days should have helped.

Motel reservations were set-up through Verizon to use some of my accumulated points. I had selected a Howard Johnson motel not far from the event, but when we found, what we believed to be the right one, it wasn't, and they reported that there were three within two miles. Asking it they could call the others to determine which one had our reservation, we were told that they were independently  owner so they didn't communicate with the other ones.

Climbing back into our pickup, we headed down the street to the next HJ - which didn't have our reservation nor a helpful reservation clerk.

With the last location just down the street, we decided to call them to see if they had our reservation - nope, they didn't have a record of it.

By this time we had connected with our friend ,"Cynthia Creque", who drove from St Augustine to help us set-up and work with us on Saturday. The three of us decided to find an affordable motel near the venue, which worked out well, but the cost of the room was double even though the quality of the Super 8 matched that of the HJ - two stars.

We grabbed a bite to eat and drove into Kissimmee to check in and set-up the booth. Trying to find the allowable entrance to sign in and drive to our booth location was tricky. What I didn't expect was the truck's gear shift becoming locked in "P" park. A line was forming behind us while one of the fair attendants Googled for a solution. After twenty minutes and a nail file we were able to move the sifter into neutral and proceed.

By the time we finished setting up the tent, wall and hanging artwork, it was midnight - boy were we happy the motel was close.

At 9am on Saturday we arrived at the fail in Cynthia's car, since the gear shift was stuck in park. As we faced the front of our tent, the vendor on our left was an artisan of glass blowing and his work was excellent, which drew a great deal of interest. On our right was a photographer who printed his colorful pictures on aluminum. His work drew a great deal of attention, especially the outside wall facing our booth. We hung a few of my art pieces on our side, but unless we told people that we had pieces on the sides of the tent, they ignored my work to gaze upon the photographs.

Over all, Saturday was not very productive, a lot of tire kickers but not one sale. The turn out was lower than expected - the consensus of many vendors. We all hoped that Sunday would be better - I wasn't, but there were more people buying.

One customer, an older lady, purchased "Water Lilly" and she was very interested in another piece, "Egret Fishing", but she had to measure the wall space in her condo to see if it would work - if it works out it would make the two day trip affordable.

I thought one couple might buy "Fall Meadow" for they returned twice to view it, and they asked if we were going to be open on Sunday. They didn't return so my expectations of a land-fall weekend were dashed.

All in all we questioned if traveling to shows is worth the time and money spent. Today Lynne's Fibro is kicking up and she'll remain in bed.

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