Monday, December 14, 2015

Safety Harbor Arts and Crafts

I knew better but couldn't resist attending the Safety Harbor Arts and Crafts event on Sunday, December 13th. They had a large contingent of vendors and from the number of people walking by my booth they had a decent turn out.

They should have called it Safety Harbor Crafts show since the only artist present was myself, which left little competition for those art lovers that never showed up. Perhaps other artist learned from previous years that attending this event was not worth the work or cost.

Quite a few slowly walked by as if interested in the work I presented and other tire kickers came in for a closer look. Compliments on my work were generously given but when pressed about purchasing the age old excuses filled the booth - "I don't have the wall space" or "I have too many pictures already".

The next art show I'll attend will be the Cape Coral Art Festival in early January. This show will determine if I continue travelling the circuit for it draws several thousand people and if I don't sell enough paintings to cover the cost of attending, future shows will be cancelled.

I really thought having a booth was a sure way to move some of my paintings, but so far it has failed to do so.

Anyone out there have a suggestion?

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