Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Icy Stream

Another one of Brian's photos. Oil on a 16x20 canvas. The red tips of the bushes and the raw sienna reeds add color to the normally dull gray landscape, common during a Michigan winter.

Winter stream

Painted from a photo taken by Brian Zingler. I cropped the image in order to focus on the five trees along a stream. Oil on 16x12 canvas available for $155 unframed plus shipping

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Aspen In Color

22x28 Oil on canvas

Brown Pelican

Strange thing about the pelican
His bill can hold more than his belly can.

22x28 oil on canvas can be purchased for $375 unframed plus shipping.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The aftermath

Two days of melting heat and humidity ended Sunday at 4pm with an approaching thunderstorm. I wish I collected a dollar for every, "Beautiful work", "I love your work", I would have left the show with money in my pocket.

I relate this experience to fishing. I sit in my fishing kayak, knowing hundreds of fish are swimming around me, but no matter what bait I put before them, not one strike. When I asked Sid and Lee, the couple who ran the booth next to ours, how his day was going, he just displayed a disgusted look. He returned the question and I replied, "Everyone just kicking tires".

Most of the paintings I've posted on my blog were offered as bait, most received accolades, but two works caught everyone's eye, "Two Willets Feeding"

and "Pines In The Mist"

Not that either one sold, but I have three interested parties in the 36x48, black and white Willets, which would make the show break even. Each party said they would call me with an offer - I rather have one in hand than three in the bush.

I'm beginning to believe applying to art festivals would be a better investment than arts and craft shows. I would be competing against other artists for customers, customers who are there to purchase art. We'll see.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Red Tulip

11x14 oil on canvas painted from a picture I took on mother's day. NOT For Sale

Monday, June 1, 2015

Church Gate

16x20 oil on canvas - painted from photo taken while visiting a small village in Monaco. What caught my eye was the partially open gate which seemed to beacon me to peek what was on the other side. NOT FOR SALE

Appalachian Sunrise

16x20 oil on canvas painted from a photo taken by my son Christopher

Mother bird and babies

Oil on 16x20 canvas board - painted from photo taken by Brian Zingler

Sailing into the Fog

Painted on a 16x20 canvas from imagination NOT FOR SALE

Water Lilly

Painted from an image posted by a photographer in Southern Pines involved in what is known is double take. The photographer post their photo on a website and local painters select from the photos posted and paints their rendition. In early spring the art gallery hosting the event hangs the framed photo next to the artist's painting. I was taken by the colors and composition of this photo and when it was placed next to the photo, the color of the flower petals matched. 24x30 inch canvas

Live Oaks at Sunrise

Painted from a photograph I took of live oak trees at sunrise. The light made the trees look white, which contrasted well with the dark shadows and blue sky. It is painted on 17x32 piece of masonite

Sand dune at sunrise

Painted from my imagination on a 24x30 canvas

Yellow Iris

Painted from a photo - oil on 12x16 canvas

Longs Peak at Sunrise

I worked for the Park Service for a couple of years and my time was spent on trail crews. They maintain over 500 miles of trails on the Eastern side of Rocky Mountain National Park. The mountains take on different moods through the changes in sunlight and clouds. This painting was painted from a photo I took showing the western face of the mountain at sunrise.

30x24 oil on canvas