Sunday, July 26, 2015

Every Artist Has a Story

Every artist has a story describing their journey on becoming an artist, mine spans sixty years, and includes a few art lessons, and a second place ribbon in an art show.
 I was born with artistic ability and an imbedded need to periodically express it. God given talent is a blessing and a curse, for the recipient often takes their ability for granted, and under states the quality of their work. I arrived at this conclusion after reviewing some of the art I produced over the years.
My artistic creativity came in spurts, often years separated my sudden desire to produce works of art, which prompted me to explore different mediums; pencil, charcoal, pastels, water color, acrylics, pen & ink and finally oils.
The cycle was severed in 2010 when I decided to take lessons from Frank Pierce, owner of “Eye Candy Gallery” in Southern Pines, North Carolina. His style spoke to me so I signed up for six lessons. By the sixth lesson I had learned the technical skills necessary to develop my own style, but there was more. The talent I kept locked away was released, and along with it a way to reduce my symptoms of Parkinson’s.
I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2005 but with medication I was able to control the symptoms and continued to work as a technical writer for four years. By 2009 the stresses at work exacerbated my symptoms, making it impossible for me to function. By July I stopped working and filed for Social Security disability.
By the end of my art lessons I had developed a regiment of painting every day. I soon discovered that painting improved my ability to focus and it brought a peacefulness that encompassed my soul and reduced several of my symptoms.

Believing I had reached a level of painting that is marketable, I searched the Internet for art galleries that may be interested in displaying my work. I happened upon the Art Design Consultant’s website and read their pitch for artist to submit images of their work, as well as their website. I decided to take a risk and stick my neck out in order to determine what art professionals thought of my work. I was pleasantly surprised by the positive response I received and decided to add my name to their list of artist.
I find it interesting that most of my life I searched for business I could call my own and after several failures, the answer was under my nose.

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